Online Keno Major Variations of Keno

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Keno is basically designed as a form of lottery game. You chip in a few bucks and you keep wanting it more. Numerous Keno games have showed up in course of recent years. It is more than a fun factor to be aware of what you are dealing with. Keno is just an interesting game with lot of variations. It wouldn't harm anyone at all to know about their types;

Online Keno;

There is a great way of scooping out your stress through online keno. As a matter of fact, most people would just pick these games out of the websites and play them for a while. Besides realistic graphics, you get a lot of betting options. Go for automated version or non ? automated version to serve your needs.

Power Keno;

This variation of Keno hailed from Australia. Its rules are quite similar to normal online Keno. There's a bit of topsy turvy curve added to power keno on the 20th ball drawn. As soon as your 20th ball matches any of your previous balls, you win some major reward. This is 4 times the original bet you placed. For instance if you placed a 50$ bet; You will win 50 X 4 = 200$.

Video Keno;

This version of Keno resembles online slot games. If someone would call it a look alike edition of slot machine, he wouldn't be wrong. The rules are exactly similar to online keno. You are in for a treat if you prefer video keno. Now this variation is not available in online casinos yet because of the touch screen technology. But playing video keno is a lot more convenient in this category.